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The Opposite

Digital knitting / Polyester yarn / 2019

"The Opposite", a unisex fashion knitwear collection, aims to create a new concept of modern garments with multiple wearing methods, highlighting sustainable design thinking and digital design attributes.

The inspiration comes from the song of the AUDIO ARCHITECTURE exhibition at 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo, Japan. The lyrics of the song presents various pairs of contradictory words, such as structure and surface, chaos and order, sound and silence, to discuss the dynamic relationship between audio and architecture.

It inspires me that, in our daily life as well as in the design field, there are many items that seem in the opposite, such as artificial and natural, body and soul, as well as, knit and purl. However, are they really opposites? Or, are they actually the ultimate whole?


This collection intends to explore the combating and collaborating process of the contradictory elements through developing flexible knitted fabric and changeable garment construction to question the common concept of menswear and womenswear, eastern clothing and western clothing.

Yishu Yan | Yan Yishu | Textile, Fashion & Digital Knitting | Design & Research

Finalist, Arts of Fashion Foundation,

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA, 2019

Yishu Yan | Textile, Fashion & Digital Knitting | Design & Research
Yishu Yan | Textile, Fashion & Digital Knitting | Design & Research
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