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As a Dream

Digital knitting / Polyester yarn / 2024

Gloves knitted with digital WHOLEGARMENT technology are extremely uniform, with even the length of the yarn used in each glove precisely controlled to in the same. This high degree of uniformity is like the textile workers’ life on an assembly line, a highly repetitive routine day in and day out.


The "white gloves" that they produce with their hands every day are a "high fashion" that is within reach, but also a "noble dream" that is out of reach. The artist tries to take the role of a "silent film narrator", experiencing the life of a textile worker by watching, waiting, checking, and completing the entire knitting process of each glove beside the machine. These gloves (292 total) are then used as a repeating unit to construct a pure, gorgeous "haute couture".


Meanwhile, 80 hand-painted nail art pieces inspired by Chinese ink paintings were paired with white gloves to reconstruct a scarf, as a metaphor for the invisible "stitches of individuality" left by the textile worker as a "creator" in the production process. The creating process as a "narration" of the "silent society" explores the privilege, exploitation, hidden individuality and silent dreams in the producing process of "high fashion".

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