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Yishu Yan | Textile, Fashion & Digital Knitting | Design & Research | The Matrix

The Matrix

Digital knitting, Digital weaving, Digital printing / Cotton and wool / 2017

The question of a broken relationship between art design and modern technology is the very beginning of this design collection. How we can mend this fractured relationship and close the gap between them is the primary design point to create a new fusion from fission.


Everything starts from basic pattern design, developing a pattern design from the simplest geometrical figure, emerging a collection of pattern designs from the pattern, then applying the pattern collection to a textile collection, and finally building up a fashion collection using these textiles. Serval different technologies have been involved in the progress, including knitted jacquard, woven jacquard and digital print, all of which are integrated to deliver the same design concept. Like different words from the same root, they have a common origin but distinct meanings.

Six Garments = Numerous Possibilities of Wearing, Matching and Forming

Footage of Shooting & Factory Production Process

Surface Design in Fashion — works by Knior Jiang and collaborators,

Jill Stuart Gallery, Cornell University, USA, 2018

Silk Story — International Fashion Art Exhibition,

Beijing Exhibition Centre, Beijing, China, 2018  

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